The Fort Peck Reservation is home to two separate Indian nations, each composed of numerous bands and divisions.

The Sioux divisions of Sisseton, Wahpetons, the Yanktonais, and the Teton Hunkpapa are all represented.

The Assiniboine bands of Canoe Paddler and Red Bottom are represented.

The Reservation is located in the extreme northeast corner of Montana, on the north side of the Missouri River.

Fort Peck Tribes
Fish & Game Department
P.O. Box 1027
Poplar, MT 59255




Sherman Motor Inn
200 East Main Street
Wolf Point, MT 59201
P: (406) 653-1100
Available: Rooms, Dining & Lounge

Big Sky Hotel
U.S. Highway 2 East
Wolf Point, MT 59201
P: (406) 653-2300
Available: Rooms

Homestead Inn
101 Highway 2 East
Wolf Point, MT 59201
P: (406) 653-1300
Available: Rooms

Jolly Swagman Inn (NO FLIES)
150 F Street West
Highway 2
Poplar, MT 59255
P: (406) 768-3287
Available: Rooms

Cottonwood Inn
U.S. Highway 2 East
Glasgow, MT 59230
(Off Reservation - West)
P: (406) 228-8213
Toll Free: 1-800-321-8213
Available: Rooms, Dining & Lounge

Little Bird Home
A.S. Ranch
ATTN: Deb Madison
P.O. Box 953
Wolf Point, MT 59201
(On Reservation - West)
P: (406) 695-2320
C: (406 480-5041
2 Bedroom Cabin on Missouri River Bottom
Available: Fire Place, Full Kitchen, Full Bath, Washer/Dryer, TV/VCR, Dog Kennels, Sleeps Six Comfortably


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Turtle Mound Buffalo Ranch






The Turtle Mound Buffalo Ranch is located twenty five miles northeast of Poplar, Montana. The buffalo herd was reintroduced to our area in 1999. Currently, there are 200 head in the buffalo herd.

When hunting on the “Turtle Mound Buffalo Ranch” you will be hunting on over 13,000 acres of bluffs, rolling hills, and badlands territory.  These are fair chase hunts and stalking will be required.  These are not penned Buffalo.