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Fort Peck Tribal Health Department

The Fort Peck Tribal Health Department is responsible for the planning, implementation, and administration of a comprehensive health care system to serve the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of the Fort Peck Reservation.



  The Tribe's philosophy and mission are to provide for the Health and Welfare of its membership. The health delivery will be with competence, integrity, and compassion.


  The Tribal Health Director, with direct supervision of the Tribal Council, is administratively responsible for project / contract compliance.


  The Fort Peck Tribal Health Department administers the daily operation of all FPTH P.L. 93-638 Contracts. Reports are submitted by each Program on a monthly basis. Planning and evaluations of each Program are then performed by the Director.




  Please click on the Contact FPTH link here, or above to find phone numbers and email addresses of Fort Peck Tribal Health personnel.
Tribal Health: (406) 768-3491 ext. 4409
Tobacco Program: (406) 768-3129
Injury Prevention: (406) 768-3491 ext. 4414

James Melbourne

Gary James Melbourne

Tribal Health Director

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