About HP/DP Wellness Program

In 2003 the Fort Peck Tribes established a Health Promotion and Disease Prevention program with the charge of improving the health of youth on the reservation.

The program is directed by Mr. Ken Smoker Jr. with responsibilities for working with elders and youth to encourage healthy lifestyles and promote the importance of cultural values in the maintenance of health.

Mr. Smoker is a Tribal member with a MBA and an extensive background in reservation governance, health services delivery, and education program involvement. Since 2005 the program has worked with Harvard University to establish a clinical psychology program that provides onsite services to students in the schools on the reservation.

As of 2009 the program has grown into a
School Health Center program with the addition of a nurse practitioner and plans to add a dental hygienist and other professions. The School Health Center program has offices in the four public school districts on the reservation.

Fort Peck Tribes HP/DP
Wellness Program
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