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It’s the brainchild of Dr. Kevin Pallis and Dr. Ed Plentz. The function of our world project is to show the far-reaching effects of Chiropractic on an impoverished community. As people get healthier, not only will their physical health be restored, but their emotional health and dignity will also return.

We kept seeing other DC’s going to foreign countries and adjusting thousands of people and then leaving. There was no patient education, no follow up and of course, no paradigm shift in health. It was a prime example of the story about giving people fish instead of teaching them how to fish. We thought to ourselves, Chiropractic was started in America, who were the “forgotten” people of America? We started our search in the black ghettos in the city. Then we searched in the Latino ghettos. Then we ended our search with America’s first ghetto…the red ghetto – RESERVATIONS. Love Has No Color had found a home.

Our world project is based on the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, MT. So far we have (80% completed) restored a dilapidated movie theater into a functioning movie theater for kids and adults alike. We have assisted with the creation of a skate park and we have an annual Christmas on the Reservation that has given out more than 30,000 boots, coats, gloves, hats, toys, Plasma TV’s for the Girls and Boys Club, Head Start Program and the elders.

Kenny Smoker the wellness specialist on the Reservation says The New Renaissance is the “answer to our prayers”. There are third-world conditions right here in this country. Our people live in poverty with all the things that come as a result: 65% unemployment, crime, substance abuse, violence, sexual crime, child abuse, teenage pregnancy, and more. The biggest problem is the loss of hope and the belief that things are unpromising on the Reservation. The presence of the Mentor IV Chiropractors on the Reservation gives the youth hope for the future and demonstrates there are people who care, off the Reservation.

The world project is so important for us as DC’s to be reminded how fortunate we are. Love Has No Color is a vital part of our Coaching Program. We have an annual Boot Camp experience each year on the Reservation as well as Christmas on the Reservation. Not only do our DC‘s get behind our efforts, their patients are also excited to participate. Some of our DC’s report record months of new patients and income during Christmas on the Reservation.

Patients love doctors who have a heart. Sometimes success creates indifference or even arrogance toward others particularly those in suffering. We have a saying in our program…we are all one people. Our world project is making history by bringing awareness to the plight of Native Americans and also showing the effects of Chiropractic care on families and society at large. In the future we will be recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing this awareness to the world. And you thought you were just joining another coaching group.

A few statistics on the Reservation:

•Currently, the Fort Peck Indian Reservation has a 65% unemployment rate.
• In the area where we will be donating, 65-75% of children are considered “needy.”
• The average student at Fort Peck Community College is a 35-year old single mother.
• Suicide is an epidemic here on the Fort Peck Reservation, since November 19, 2008 there has been 8 completed suicides. Seven of the suicides involved children, ages 13-18, of these 7, 4 are girls, most all suicides are by hanging.

Every member of The New Renaissance is assigned a specific item to collect from practice members, to donate to the people of the Fort Peck Native American Reservation. Then, in early December, members of The New Renaissance travel to the Reservation in Montana, to distribute the gifts in true Santa Claus fashion! In 2010, over 10,000 gifts were distributed.

If you have any questions, or would like to donate to Love Has No Color, please contact The New Renaissance at (800)525-3879.

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