HP/DP Wellness Program: School Based Health Centers


To provide excellent and immediate access to health care to the Fort Peck Reservation teachers, staff and children through health centers based in the local public school systems. To promote a healthy lifestyle & improve the health of students, teachers, staff and their families.


All students, teachers and staff will have improved health, understand how to care for their health and choose good health habits. A decrease in absence from school for staff and students will improve learning.

Nurse Practitioner Services

The Fort Peck School Health Centers have ambulatory clinics in 3 of the 4 school districts: Frazer, Poplar and Brockton. Wolf Point is currently being developed.

Wellness promotion and disease prevention is provided on an individual basis and in larger groups in classrooms. Education for teachers and staff at the schools provide an additional resource.

Students with illnesses or injuries have access to the school nurse and if necessary may be able to see the nurse practitioner if parents desire further evaluation or if the school nurse feels that the illness or injury needs further evaluation. After assessment parents are consulted via phone to decide on plan of action. Any medications, diagnostic and treatment are sent to the parent’s requested lab, clinic, or pharmacy. If necessary referrals for further services are coordinated by our staff.

The Brockton Public Schools are Home of the ‘Warriors’ and has approximately 90 students K-12th grades.


Frazer Public Schools are located about 20 miles west of Wolf Point, Montana. The school is k-12 and has approximately 118 students.


Poplar Public Schools can be found on the west end of town. There are about 750 students K-12. The school facilities are in close proximity to each other with the elementary on the east side. Just 16 feet divide the elementary school from the middle/high school.


Wolf Point Public Schools have three separate facilities. The Junior-high/High school (pictured) include 7-12th grades. The North Side School has 4-6th Grades and the South Side School accommodating grades K-3rd. The combined Wolf Point schools have about 900 students K-12.


The Reservation Head Start programs have sites in all four towns. Poplar has two locations and one in Frazer, Wolf Point and Fort Kipp. The head start program is designed to educate pre-school children ages 3-5 years old and prepare them for Kindergarten and setting the foundation for social skills.

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