• The Fort Peck Reservation is home to two separate American Indian Nations, each composed of numerous bands and divisions.

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Information Technology


The mission of the Department of Information Technology is to provide leadership in information technology, with a focus on providing strategic direction on technology issues, leading technology innovation in infrastructure and applications, and maintaining the highest level of reliable service to the government community we serve.


Scott, Melvin - Chief Technology Officer


Bad Hawk, JoLynne - IT Specialist


Long Hair, Darren- IT Specialist


Scope of Work
The IT Department provides support to all departments within the Tribal Government.
We provide services in three general areas:
•Network & Computer Services
•Information Systems

Network and Computer Services
•Network & Computer Troubleshooting & Repair
•Network & Computer Installation & Upgrades
•Provide access to the tribal network & resources (i.e.: internet, e-mail, shared files, shared printers, calendaring, etc.)
•Software Installation
•Network Administration
•Hardware & Software Purchasing coordination
•Software license compliance assistance

•Centralized order placement for new service
•Centralized order placement for change of service
•Phone bill dispute assistance
•Group buying power for Long Distance service.

Information Systems
•Information Security
•Information Backup
•Information Sharing
•Document Archiving
•Dissemination of information through the intra- and inter- nets
•Web site design and up keep

FPT Information Technology Policies

FPT Policy for Internet and Email

FPT Policy for Personal Use of IT Resources

FPT Policy for Software and Hardware

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